Incoming 7th grade student enrollment doubles

When our school reopened in November, the incoming youngest grade (7th) doubled in size to 65 students. Our total enrollment (7 – 9th grades) is 180, the highest ever.

We are grateful to all donors for this increase. You have made it possible for us to provide educational extras that are drawing more students to our school. Our programs for increasing student enrollment and retention and are working!

In 2016-2017 we will continue to donate extensive school supplies throughout the academic year, sports equipment, library books, bikes for our graduates, videos, and Lucky Iron Fish (to alleviate iron deficiency).


Student and Teacher School Supplies donated November 2016

We are especially excited to build a school vegetable garden that will be tended by students and teachers and will provide additional sustenance for our school families.  Food scarcity in the villages of all our students often means that students are pressured to quit school and help provide for families.


We hope our school garden will look like this!

Our amazing Tech + English teacher, Mrs. Phalla Ol, made curtains and table clothes for our classrooms and library this fall. As well she helps the student to clean the library and take care of books and computers. She’s an inspiration!



Our Tech + English Teacher, Phalla Ol


New tablecloths and curtains








Students love their library


Our school library needs more books

Thank you for your donations! Click here to help support our efforts in 2017.



Our students appreciate your support