2015 BOD visits

In 2015 there were three separate visits from three members of our Board of Directors.

Dr Lisa Dobberteen visited the school with her daughter, a Cambridge high school graduate, who was working in Cambodia with the Peace Corps, and with Isabelle Campbell-Gross, who first went to our school with other Cambridge High School students in 2010.


The Keating family visited our students, together with representatives from Cambodian Living Arts.



Musician from Cambodian Living Arts

Board member and Cambridge Rindge and Latin sophomore, Sara Hauf, visits our school and donates khmer copies of the memoir by Arn Chorn-Pond, founding Director of Cambodian Living Arts.

Sara celebrated graduation with the students and awarded Lucky Iron Fish to each. (Learn more about Lucky Iron Fish here.) She and her family also enjoyed a dramatic play and fashion show that was organized by the students.


Sara presenting several books to Phalla Ol, our English and Tech teacher


Students learning computer skills