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Board of Directors

Heather Faris, Founding CoChair
Elizabeth Keating, PhD, CPA, Co-Chair +Treasurer
Dennis Harkins, MPA, Suffolk University, Center for Community Engagement, Vice Chair
Bethany Firem, Development Director
Dadrian Bernard, Grant Director
Morgan Robb, Social Media + Clerk
Dona Cady, Dean, Middlesex Community College in Lowell
Longteine de Monteiro, Co-owner, The Elephant Walk Restaurants Group
Dr. Lisa Dobberteen, Health and Literacy Director
Cecelia Gaffney, Public Health Director
Anna Catherine Grace, Suffolk University student
Kira Hartness, Cambridge Rindge & Latin High School student
Kandice Hauf, PhD, Educator
Alexis Ramona Jacome, Suffolk University student
Janet Jiang, Owner, Cambridge Travel
Janet Koza, Teacher, Stoklosa Middle School in Lowell
Kristiana Kimmy Le, Suffolk University student
Lily Ma, Emeritus Student Leader
Natalie Marusiak, University of Toronto student
Barbara S. Powell, Educational Consultant
Elizabeth Robbins, Strategic Planning
Lily Schub, Cambridge Rindge & Latin High School student
Megan Taing, Grant writer
Marie-Emmanuelle Thomas, Media Director
Anne Watt, EdD, Co-founder Primary Source
Suzanne Watzman, Special Projects  

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