2016 Educators Visit

In 2016 there were three visits to our school by American Educators:

January and February:
Cecelia Gaffney, a former researcher in Behavioral Science at Dartmouth Medical School, visited our school twice. In January she helped to select the winners of the Max Warburg Courage Curriculum and spoke to the students about public health issues. She returned in February to deliver school supplies and speak with the students about public health and reproductive health issues. Thank you, Cece!




Lowell Educators: 

July 2016 brought a special visit from 14 educators and administrators from Lowell, Massachusetts, which is home of the second largest expat community of Cambodians in the United States.

Educators from the Lowell Public Schools and the Middlesex Community College in Lowell were very much appreciated by our students and teachers in Cambodia. They enjoyed a day of teaching and library visits, as well as a visit to Cambodian homes to learn about the many families in our village who cultivate and sell palm sugar. Thank you, Lowell teachers!