Cambodia Trips

Visiting our students is as important as sending supplies. We’ve been fortunate to partner with other organizations by supporting their trips, such that every year since The Cambridge Cambodia School opened, there has been a group that visited for service learning and cultural exchange.

If you’re interested in joining an upcoming educational trip, please contact us at We would be delighted to help you plan an educational experience at our school and in our village near Phnom Penh.

If you want to learn about past trips, please click on the links below:

2010 Cambridge Rindge & Latin High School Trip 
2011 Student Ambassador Trip
2012 We Are the World Kids Trip
2013 Boston Children’s Chorus Trip
2014 School visit
2015 Board members visit
2016 Educators visit

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The Cambridge Cambodia School is the 405th of all these schools built in Cambodia by World Assistance for Cambodia.