Donate a Bike

Celebrate CAMBODIAN NEW YEAR by donating a bike for a 2016 graduate.

We will send a festive card to honor your friend or family with this gift to our students.

Most of our graduates attend a high school that is five miles from their village and very difficult to manage without a bike.

This program was inspired by the amazing efforts of Cambridge teens, Andrew and Will Keating, after their trip to our school in summer 2015. They already succeeded in raising enough funds to buy bikes for all 2015 and 2016 graduate. Please help them buy bikes for all 2017 graduates too!

Bikes cost $40 each. Please donate here and email us all pertinent information at if you would like us to send a holiday card on  your behalf to recognize your gift in honor of friends or family.

2015 Graduates receive their bikes

2015 Graduates receive their bikes