Cambridge Teens raise funds to give Graduation Bikes + Bike Shelter

Two Cambridge teens, Andrew and Will Keating, were so inspired by their summer 2015 visit to our school that they have now successfully fundraised to buy 50 bikes for our 2016 ninth grade graduates. These bikes are essentials for students to attend a high school that is five miles away.

The new bike shelter was requested by students and teachers to protect bikes during the extreme heat that often causes bike tires to rupture.


Andrew and Will Keating visiting our school in July 2015

Last year, Andrew and Will quickly raised enough funds to donate to our 2015 graduates and all teachers.


Most of our 9th grade graduates attend high school that is 5 miles from their village. Having a bike makes that commute far more doable, especially in the extreme heat. Thank you, Andrew and Will!

The new, white bike shelter can be seen in the photo below.

To help us support their fundraising efforts to buy bikes for all 2016 graduates, please click here. One bike costs $40. Give a bike as a holiday or commemorative gift and we will send a card to your friend if you email us at with details.


2016 receiving bikes during Graduation ceremony that was attended by 14 educators from Lowell, Massachusetts.