Books donated by Cambodian Living Arts

Thanks to an American Embassy grant, Cambodian Living Arts donated 30 copies of Never Fall Down in Khmer, to the Cambridge Cambodia School. The school has also obtained 10 copies of the book in English.

Never Fall Down is the story of Arn Chorn-Pond’s life under the Khmer Rouge and his efforts to preserve traditional Cambodian music and dance.

On August 4, 2015, the Cambridge Cambodian School had the privilege of having Arn Chorn-Pond visit with the other musicians from the Khmer Magic Music Bus. Recipient of numerous human rights awards, Arn has devoted his life to restoring Cambodia’s cultural heritage and educating audiences worldwide on the devastating effects of the Khmer Rouge.

In addition to performing with his flute, Arn discussed with the Cambridge School students his motivation in creating Cambodian Living Arts. He shared Khmer and English copies of Never Fall Down, a moving memoir of his experiences under the Khmer Rouge, and presented this large book donation to our library. What an inspiration he is!


never fall down