Successful Fundraising for Bike Project

Inspired by their summer trip to our school, Cambridge Ridge & Latin High School student Andrew Keating and his brother Will are fundraising to buy bikes for the 2015 and 2016 ninth grade graduating classes. These Cambridge teens have already raised sufficient funds to provide bikes for all 2015 graduates.

Please help them to achieve their goal of giving bikes to 2016 graduates by clicking here to donate, or considering a corporate sponsorship that will sustain this effort every year.

Bikes are essential to our students when they enter high school. While our school is fairly close to the village, their high school is not within easy walking distance, especially during extreme heat.


In their fundraising letter, Andrew and Will shared from their journey —

We got the privilege to visit some of the students’ homes. None of them had running water and some were lucky to have a light bulb. There is very little food, and the entire family works hard to find ways to feed the family. These kids work hard in school, and desire to go to high school. However, the high school is in a neighboring village, several hours walk away.


Andrew and Will Keating with students from The Cambridge Cambodia School

Thank you, Andrew and Will! Well done!