Thank you for funding our Garden Project

February 2017: Our school vegetable garden has been planted! Thanks to your holiday gifts, fundraising at the Stoklosa Middle School in Lowell, Mass and at The Falmouth Academy on Cape Cod, we were able to plant a large vegetable garden at our school. Students and teachers worked together to dig and plant the garden in February.

Students water the vegetable.ed

In 2016, we began an exciting partnership with the Stoklosa Middle School in Lowell. Lowell, Massachusetts is home to the second largest expatriate community of Cambodians in the United States. Students from The Falmouth Academy on Cape Cod, helped fundraise to build a vegetable garden for our students in Cambodia.














There is tremendous food scarcity in the villages that send students to our school. By providing additional nourishment for our school families, we hope to improve nutrition, as well as, increase and sustain our student middle school enrollment.


Teachers from the Stoklosa School in Lowell visited our Cambodian school during summer 2016 and were inspired to partner with us. The Stoklosa students love the school garden that they have on their campus so are thrilled to be leading this fundraising effort. Learn more here about the partnership with the Stoklosa School.


Stoklosa school student enjoying the Lowell school garden


Stoklosa teacher, Janet Koza, in the Stoklosa garden









Our programs to provide computers, internet access, school supplies, library books, athletic equipment, bikes, and other upgrades are working! Our 7th grade enrollment doubled in 2016/2017; this youngest grade of our middle school now has 65 students and our total enrollment is 180, the highest ever. We hope that adding a school garden will be both educational and will attract even more students to our school.


In March and June students were given a share of morning glory plants to cook at home. Students and teachers planted, watered, and weeded the garden. Cambodian families typicaly cook morning glory vegetable in soups or stir fried. 

morning glory give away 1

students weeding the morning glory

Weeding the garden of morning glory plants






morning glory give away 2

Harvesting the morning glory plants