2018 Student Ambassadors

K2K: Kid to kid 

Many thanks to all Boston area students fundraising to help our Cambodian students.

All the middle school students at our Sister School in Lowell, Mass:
The Katherine P. Stoklosa School 



Andrew Keating
Senior, Cambridge Rindge & Latin High School

I visited the Cambridge Cambodian School on a homeland journey in 2015. My brother and I decided to raise funds so that each student could receive a bike at graduation. Three graduating classes now have bicycles that allow them to bike rather than walk the five miles to high school.


Will Keating
Junior, New England Academy

I enjoyed visiting the Cambridge Cambodian School in 2015 and am working with my brother, Andrew, to purchase bicycles for the students graduating from the school in 2019.


Natalie Marusiak
Senior, Belmont High School

Growing up in Singapore, I had several opportunities to visit Cambodia, including a trip where we spent time learning from and playing with at-risk kids. I’ve seen firsthand some of the difficulties these children must overcome, and I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to support the CambCamb kids by writing a grant for school supplies.


Lilah Monahan
Senior, Salem Academy

I was born in Cambodia and was adopted in 2001. I returned to Cambodia in 2011 for a homeland visit, and visited several schools and handed out supplies. I plan by the end off my senior year to raise as much money as possible for Cambridge Cambodia schools as part of my school service project. To do that I’ve started a website to sell t-shirts. Please visit teanaged.com to learn more about my fundraising efforts.

Lilah Monahan

Doug Robbins
Senior, St. Paul’s School

I’ve written two successful grants to benefit The Cambridge Cambodia School, one for the Vanderbilt Family Foundation and another for Global Good. I also raised money to buy Lucky Iron Fish for the families of all 2016 students.


Chinda Samms
Senior, University of Massachusetts, Amherst


Samira Wolf
Senior, Falmouth Academy

Hi! I’m Samira and I was adopted from Siem Reap, Cambodia when I was six months old. I’m fundraising to help buy bikes for all the 2017 graduates because bikes are my thing. I’m a tri-athlete. When I went back to Cambodia in 2010 I remember always seeing kids in their white and blue uniforms riding bikes to school. I think of fundraising for these students as a way to give back to the community from which I came.