Incoming 7th grade student enrollment doubles

When our school reopened in November, the incoming youngest grade (7th) doubled in size to 65 students. Our total enrollment (7 – 9th grades) is 180, the highest ever. We are grateful to all donors for this increase. You have made it possible for us to provide educational extras that are drawing more students to…

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Graduation Diplomas with Tech Certification

2016 graduates received diplomas that certified them as having tech skills that could be useful when applying for jobs. Each student has proficiency in Microsoft Windows, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint by the time of graduation from middle school. The high school that they will attend does not have any computers and thus this is their…

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Lucky Iron Fish are donated to our students

We are grateful to Lucky Iron Fish for partnering with our school as a test site for distributing the iron fish that they have created to alleviate widespread anemia. Iron deficiency affects 60% of pregnant Cambodian women. This program was made possible by the fundraising efforts of Boston teen, Doug Robbins. Thank you, Doug!…

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